NY Times Report of Covid 19 causing your teeth to fall out is Bogus

NY Times Report of Covid 19 causing your teeth to fall out is Bogus

I read in the NY Times that covid can make your teeth fall out. Is this true?

Well I read in the NY Times earlier this year that you can get covid by touching a toilet seat. Then the CDC said in June that touching surfaces is really not contributing significantly to the virus spread. So there! It’s not just the Times; it’s many news sources. Too many stories concentrate on putting fear in the public so you buy the paper the next day, or tune into the same cable news channel every night.

I just read in today’s paper that CNN, CNBC and MSNBC is now “worried” that their ratings are going to plummet due to the replacing of a more controversial president with a less controversial one. Cry me a river. Puh-lease! How about observing and critiquing whomever is in office; is that not the job of any investigative reporting outfit?

Ok; enter science portion of my diatribe here:

I have been published several times during the crisis in Dentistry today and other news outlets including Forbes, The PB Post, The PB Daily News and other outlets. This is a direct quote from my article from Dentistry Today, December 16th 2020.

The Times tells the story of Farah Khemili, 43, of Voorheesville, New York, who said that she has never before lost an adult tooth. She survived a bout with COVID-19 this spring and self-identifies as one of the “long haulers,” or those who have continued symptoms well after their recovery.

Recently, while sucking on a breath mint, she claims to have experienced a strange sensation and felt that one of her bottom teeth had unexpectedly become loose. The next day, the tooth fell out, painlessly and without any bleeding.

Although I have never examined this person, there is no medically sound means to claim that this tooth loss was due to COVID-19. In fact, this is merely anecdotal, and the claim could be disproved simply by comparing the patient’s most recent X-rays with her pre-virus X-rays, as she may have had an existing case of periodontitis, for instance.

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