Ok to have dental work right after vaccination?

Ok to have dental work right after vaccination?

Q: Is it ok to have dental work right after getting the covid vaccination shot?

A: Dr. J’s ramblings: I might have mentioned that between the spring lock down, the stoppage of all elective procedures for all doctors and the fact that there is NOTHING to do on the weekends, I have written and recorded a heck of a lot of stand up comedy bits. Over the years I have “killed it” and “bombed” occasionally at the West Palm Beach Improv.

Example: “Safe Sex is now defined as making love to someone with antibodies. I got a little un-easy when Dr. Fauci was replaced by the My Pillow guy at a task force press conference. What’s next? Stopping missile attacks with the Scrub Daddy? Maybe the Spanks lady can show us some new military uniforms.”

(PLEASE, no more hate mail about politics this time.)

There are no issues in having dental work right after getting vaccinated. False claims litter the Internet on this. If you spike a fever or have flu-like symptoms, you just wont be allowed in the office until the side effects subside.

You also have no need to worry about getting the virus from a dental office, as long as they are taking the proper precautions. A study came out in the international Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry that studied three offices and 2,810 patients. ZERO transmissions were recorded, and this included 168 patients who were high risk.

One thing to note is all three offices utilized an extra oral suction unit. (We were one of, if not the first office on the Eastern Seaboard to install these units back in May.)

These are large funnel shaped vacuums placed near the patient’s mouths to draw away the aerosol and send it through a series of virus killing filters, allowing all forms of dentistry to be performed as well as ultrasonic scaling by the hygienist.

Remember: those that might have had an asymptomatic cavity in February, could be facing a costly extraction and Implant if they waited until now for treatment. Get in, get a cleaning and get some check-up digital x-rays. Interested in cosmetic work such as veneers replacing teeth with implants, securing loose dentures? Feel free to email me personally, or call the office.

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