Porcelain V.E.N.E.E.R.S. for a New Smile

Porcelain V.E.N.E.E.R.S. for a New Smile

V: Veneers; thin facings of porcelain permanently affixed to the fronts of your teeth.

E: Esthetics: irregularities, translucent zones, and un-even surface textures make them look real.

N: No-Goop, no gagging digital impressions for faster and more accurate.

E: Empress Porcelain. The German brand by Ivoclar that the best cosmetic dentists in the world use.

E: Electronic anesthesia: The hi -tech vibrating injection system we use to numb the teeth.

R: Require little enamel reduction un like full crowns.

When the above rules are considered as you embark on your treatment, friends will ask you:
(Actual quotes from patients’ friends)

“Hey, have you gone on vacation? You look so well rested!”
“Did you lose weight?”
“Did you get a new haircut? I love it!”
“Who is your plastic surgeon? Your facelift looks so natural?”
“Have you been working out?”

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