Possible Remedies for a Chipped Tooth

Possible Remedies for a Chipped Tooth

Getting a chipped tooth is very common in children as well as adults. A chipped tooth probably won’t cause much harm to your health, but it may negatively affect your appearance. However, a chipped tooth could potentially allow bacteria to enter into your system if the tooth’s enamel is penetrated. If your tooth enamel is compromised, the pulp will soon get infected, and the chances of tooth loss will increase. There are many ways you can get a chipped tooth repaired. Let’s have a look.

What Should I Do If I Have a Chipped Tooth?

A chipped tooth may or may not be painful as it’s completely dependent on the chipping and the location of the tooth. If the chips or cracks are deep, it can affect nerves and lead to pain, explains the Palm Beach dentist. If it’s causing you pain, you need to see the dentist and get it examined. However, in the meantime, you can try these remedies to manage the condition.

• Rinse

If your tooth gets chipped, take a cup of warm water and add salt to it. You can use this solution to rinse your mouth. It will help relieve pain and prevent any infection.

• Ice

It’s common to experience inflammation when a tooth gets broken or chipped. Applying an ice pack near the location of the chipped tooth can help reduce the risk of swelling.

• Use Dental Wax

Placing soft dental wax over the sharp edges of the chipped tooth can help. It prevents the tooth from scratching or cutting the inside of your mouth. It also prevents the chipped tooth from grinding against other teeth. If you don’t have dental wax, sugarless gum can also be used, says the dentist near you.

• Take Pain Relievers

If you feel excruciating pain, OTC medicines can help manage the pain. If you are experiencing sensitivity, avoid having food and beverages that are too hot or cold. If possible, have only soft foods and liquids until the dentist near you in Palm Beach repairs the tooth.

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