Reclaim Your Life With a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Reclaim Your Life With a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Are you not satisfied with the way your teeth look? A full mouth reconstruction can give you that bright, attractive smile you undoubtedly deserve. With the introduction of full mouth reconstruction, patients with misaligned teeth can have their teeth’ size, shape, position, or color adjusted to look more attractive. In addition, if you lost your teeth to infections or through an accident, we could use a full-mouth restoration to replace them and make your smile more beautiful.

What Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction, also referred to as full-mouth restoration and full mouth rehabilitation, is a dental procedure with cosmetic and restorative benefits. Although a full-mouth restoration is also helpful in correcting damaged teeth, it is more common among patients looking to replace their missing teeth.

Since every patient is different, our dentist in 33480 will first have to carry out a full mouth exam to determine which treatment option will work best.

Don’t Suffer This Way at Your Next Holiday Get Together!

Having to hide your teeth when smiling, laughing, or eating in public in fear of what people will say, can be tiring. Whether we like to admit it or not, our smile is one of our strongest and most noticeable facial features, and thus people will easily notice any flaws in our teeth. To ensure you don’t feel embarrassed in public because of your dental imperfections, Dr. Mitchell A. Josephs recommends a full mouth reconstruction.

You deserve to enjoy your holiday vacations, and what better way to do it than to have the freedom of expressing your joy in the form of a smile.

Fully Reconstruct Your Smile and Reclaim Your Life!

Have you missed out on opportunities just because you were self-conscience about your dental features? Do you shy away from speaking in public because you don’t want you are afraid your colleagues will make fun of you when you fail to pronounce certain words correctly?

A full mouth reconstruction can help you get your life back. Once you replace all the missing teeth in your mouth, pronouncing words you once found difficult will become much easier. In addition, knowing you won’t mess up your speech in public due to mispronunciations will make it easier for you to share your thoughts with your bosses or colleagues at work.

Replace Teeth With Crowns, Bridges, & Implants

Dental crowns, bridges, and implants can serve as artificial tooth replacements for missing teeth. Replacing your missing teeth does not have to be entirely cosmetic. Dental implants, for instance, can have numerous benefits apart from enhancing your smile. Once installed, the prosthesis will stimulate the jaw and gum tissue to release nutrients necessary for jawbone preservation. Visit a dentist in Palm Beach today to get artificial replacements for your missing teeth.

Advantages of Getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Improves Your Smile

Do you admire a perfect smile like the one you see on famous Hollywood celebrities? The secret to that all lies in good dental care. Even the most famous people on earth experience dental problems; they just seek dental care services soon as it happens. If you have cracks, misaligned or chipped teeth, visit a dental office in Palm Beach for treatment as soon as possible. Dental imperfections become more difficult and expensive to treat with time.

Prevents Bone Loss

Living with missing teeth is not only uncomfortable and embarrassing, but it can also cause you to develop other oral problems. Loss of jawbone tissue is prevalent in patients with missing teeth. If you delay treatment, bone loss will cause you to develop sunken facial features sooner rather than later. So, ensure you have your missing teeth replaced by a dentist near you as soon as possible to prevent bone deterioration.

Boosts Your Confidence

Confidence is key to any successful career. Losing your self-esteem will negatively affect your performance at work and deprive you of a healthy social life. We recommend fixing your dental problems early, so you don’t lose a lot of self-esteem and end up getting diagnosed with depression.

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Now that you have learned the benefits of full mouth rehabilitation, what else could you be waiting for? Contact Mitchell A Josephs DDS- Palm Beach today to schedule a dental appointment. We have modern dental care facilities that ensure you receive the best dental care services.


There are many reasons as to why you should consider getting a complete mouth reconstruction procedure. Apart from getting an attractive smile, a full-mouth restoration can prevent future dental problems and help in boosting your self-esteem. Visit our dental clinic in Palm Beach today for affordable and high-quality dental services.

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