Reverse Numbness in Minutes with Oraverse

Reverse Numbness in Minutes with Oraverse

Jul 24, 2023

Q: I need implants, crowns and veneers, but I must speak with clients face to face after each appointment. I cannot have a droopy lip, sagging face or poor speech. What alternatives do I have?

A: Nobody in sales wants to attend a face-to-face meeting with a temporary Bells Palsy.  (Seriously, a common side effect of local anesthetic injections is called “Transient Facial Nerve Palsy”.)

Rather than wait two hours or more for the numbness to wear off, we can cut that time down to a matter of minutes, by injecting Oraverse (Phentolamine Malate). We simply inject the drug into the same spots that you received the initial injections used to numb your teeth.

This will also reduce your need to return to the office for bite adjustments or esthetic adjustment of your veneers and crowns. Why? Because it is very difficult to do both of these final procedures when the lips and teeth are numb.

Ask your dentist before he shoots your up with anesthetic if he as the reversal agent, OraVerse. In my opinion, one of the greatest dental breakthroughs since the dental waiting room fish tank of yore!

Fun fact: phentolamine has been used to treat erectile dysfunction, but let’s stay in our lane and pass that on to another expert.

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