Save an extra $200K in Retirement Savings by attending our FREE Seminar on the 29th.

Save an extra $200K in Retirement Savings by attending our FREE Seminar on the 29th.

Q: Dear Doctor Josephs, what’s with the title of your last column?!  How can a dental seminar allow me to save an extra $200K?

A: I know the title above seems like a ploy to grab your attention, but here’s why I am not joking around:

Several years ago I attended a comedy workshop at the Improv , Ft Lauderdale. There were attendees from all walks of life; an ER doctor, a dentist, a stereo salesman and a financial planner. At the lunch break, the financial planner told me that he recommends to all his clients that they have $200,000 set aside in their nest egg for out of pocket dental expenditures during the years when they will no longer be working.

I thought, man! That’s a lot of cheese that I would have wanted to put towards world travel and a bunch of other luxuries of life……like food!

He is right though; I witness retired folk investing in major dental work due to failing previous dental work that needs to be re-done several times over the course of their life. This is not necessarily the fault of the dental surgeon; many times it is just humans outliving the longevity of their dental work.

My seminar will show you how new dental technology if used today can prevent you from having to re-do costly dental work during your golden years.

We will discuss electronic anesthesia for comfortable injections, Intra Oral cameras which find problem that X-rays cannot, digital no-goop or gag impressions, implant stability meters to predict failed implants, metal-free crowns that allow x-rays to view problems underneath before they become catastrophic, conservative cosmetic porcelain veneers for amazing new smiles that preserve your tooth enamel, alternatives to crowns that also preserve more of your natural tooth structure and much, much more. See you on the 29th!

Editor’s note:

(Repeat seminar promo info here please…….change one line: “Only 39 seats remain.”

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