Seven Tips to Prepare for Your Root Canal Treatment

Seven Tips to Prepare for Your Root Canal Treatment

Jul 01, 2022

Root canals are generally recommended by the dentist near you when dealing with severe infections of tooth decay with dental pulp infections. The therapy has a fearsome reputation, but many patients confirm it is relatively painless.

Any pain a patient might experience is merely when the dentist administers anesthesia in the mouth when you might feel a sensation of the injection. However, topical anesthetics ensure even the minute sensation is numbed to ensure your comfort. Beyond the initial discomfort, you might feel pressure and vibrations from the tooth the dentist works to restore.

Endodontic therapy is straightforward, and the dentist completes the process in approximately 90 minutes, depending on which tooth is affected. Practitioners from the dental office in Palm Beach drill an access hole in the crown of your tooth to expose the dental pulp aiming to remove the pulp and within the tooth using flexible instruments. After the cleaning, the tooth is disinfected. The canals are sealed with a bio-compatible rubber-like material gutta-percha with adhesives, and the access hole is filled with a temporary filling. The dentist recommends you have the tooth restored with a dental crown after you recover from root canal therapy.

You will undoubtedly have questions about root canal treatment when recommended this procedure by the dentist in Palm Beach. To help ease your fears, we have compiled some tips to ensure your treatment proceeds smoothly. Kindly continue learning how you can overcome your apprehensions by reading this post.

Discuss Antibiotics with the Dentist

That you need root canal therapy confirms that you have an infection in your tooth that can make the process more painful. You help yourself by discussing antibiotics with the dentist 33480 to help control the infection before the procedure to speed your recovery.

Painkillers before the Procedure Help

Dentists recommend taking painkillers before your process to help reduce inflammation around the tooth. Take the pain relievers a couple of hours before arriving for your appointment.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

24 Hours before Root Canal Therapy in Palm Beach, FL, do not consider going by the beachside and having some alcohol. Alcohol, besides delaying recovery, dries your mouth, complicating the procedure. Therefore you must avoid alcohol consumption 24 hours before your treatment and for some time after.

Avoid Smoking

The chemicals in tobacco are harmful to your health and can delay your recovery. Therefore you must refrain from smoking 12 hours before your appointment and 24 hours after the procedure. You help yourself by delaying smoking as long as possible.

Eat A Few Hours before Your Process

Performing root canal therapy without anesthesia is practically impossible. The drugs leave your mouth numb for approximately 4 to 5 hours after your treatment making it challenging to have food. You can help yourself overcome this problem by having a meal a couple of hours before your appointment to ensure your body has the nutrients to start your recovery.

Ask Questions

Root canal therapy is a complicated procedure having a fearsome reputation. Therefore if you have outstanding questions about the process, please do not hesitate to question Dr. Julie Kennedy (root canal specialist) on any matter related to the treatment. Do not consider any question out of place or stupid because the specialist is aware of your fears and will make every effort to ease your mind with satisfactory answers.

Get a Good Nights Rest before and after

Before your appointment for root canal treatment, ensure you get a good night’s rest to allow your body to relax and prepare yourself for the procedure you must endure. After returning home from your appointment, follow the same procedure and get sufficient rest before jumping into your regular activities.

The seven tips described in this post will help you with root canal therapy and recover from the treatment without complicating matters. Besides eradicating infection in your tooth, the treatment relieves the pain and sensitivity you experience in a specific tooth and helps preserve it for you to continue using like your remaining teeth after having it restored with a dental crown. The treatment is recommended for all cases of severe tooth decay affecting the dental pulp and is pretty standard, with over 40 million root canals performed in the country every year.

If you have an excruciating toothache with sensitivity in a specific tooth, kindly visit Mitchell A Josephs, DDS, today to determine whether you need root canal therapy and have the treatment immediately save your natural tooth.

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