Simple Fix for Implant Supported Denture

Simple Fix for Implant Supported Denture

Q: My lower denture rocks up and down

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This rocking forward and back, up and down are usually a result of the patient not agreeing to have four well-spaced implants placed, but rather only two to save money. This creates a fulcrum, like a seesaw. Many offices will have this line in their informed consent forms: “fulcruming will inevitably occur with just two implants. Additional implants solve this problem.

The second point is that these dentures, although retained by implant attachments still need relines which resurface the under side of the denture for better fit much like custom orthotics for shoes.

Should you be fortunate enough to have enough bone in the back molar region, you will allow for your four implants to be space well apart from each other, like table legs supporting a large table. This will almost eliminate the rocking by eliminating all fulcrums.

We make a lot of these implant supported over dentures

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