Solutions for Implant Denture Problems

Solutions for Implant Denture Problems

Aug 02, 2021

Q: I have a full lower denture that snaps onto two implants towards the front of my ridge. They were tight for about six months, but now they are loose and I can lift them out with my tongue.

A: Nobody likes to hear their mechanic say the “E-word”, Engine Mounts. These are the plastic or rubber hockey puck shaped pads that serve as the attachment points of your engine to the chassis. Whenever your mechanic has a boat payment due, you might be asked to change yours. (Or if his kid gets in to Harvard.)

When engine mounts wear out, you might notice the car shake upon starting or while sitting at a red light, you notice your rearview mirror is vibrating, making the image a bit blurry. The engine is coming “loose” from the car’s body, basically.

What was I talking about again? ….Oh right; implant dentures.

About every six months you need to invest in replacing the plastic inserts that connect your denture to the implant attachments which protrude out from the gum line. This is a quick procedure and usually solves the problem. Another recommendation is to always consider placing four implants, not two, as far apart as possible for better stabilization preservation of the plastic inserts.

Next week I will address more issues and fixes with implant Overdentures.

Happy motoring and happy chewing!

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