Teeth For Life XXII Seminar: What you missed

Teeth For Life XXII Seminar: What you missed

A full house and all hands on deck last month set the stage at our FREE seminar to the public on hi tech dentistry. After every slide of a hi tech piece of equipment, material or technique, I ask the audience: “How many of you are being treated with this at your current dental office?” Three hands were raised after every slide. The only problem was they were three patients of my practice! That means ZERO hands were raised, indicating the audience could be visiting an out-of-date dental office. Some of these pieces of technology date back to the late 80’s!

One of my opening segments asks the audience: “What determines the level of sophistication of a dental practice as far keeping up with new technology?”

I then hold my wallet up in the air and say: “This. Keeping up with the times will depend on how much of the gross revenue of the practice will be allotted to continuing education and modernization of the practice.” (Vs. a boat, a plane, home décor, travel and entertainment, etc.)

Some key items that the audience had yet to experience in a dental office:

  • Intra-oral camera: a fiber optic camera that diagnosis problems that X-rays cannot find.
  • Digital impressions: “Goop-less” impressions; no gagging and greater accuracy.
  • Electronic Anesthesia: An extremely comfortable method of administering dental injections.
  • Porcelain Inlays: A more conservative choice vs crowns, preserving healthy tooth structure with less drilling.

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