Teeth to Match your favorite Movie Star

Teeth to Match your favorite Movie Star

Q I really like some celebrities smiles. Can I get the same smile with veneers if I bring you a picture?

A: This could not be more timely, as my older sisters have both expressed interest in flying down ( and up), to my practice for new smiles in time for two of my nephew’s weddings this fall. (I am considering discounting my fees for them, but then again they did often toss me around like a rag doll when I was young, and were not great at protecting me from school bullies. Let me think about it. )

You may want to bring photos of the best celebrity; you! Find some pix from your younger days if you liked your smile back then. Otherwise, bring in some of your favorite celebrity’s photos from magazines. We will send them to our lab after the first visit, allowing them to create temporary veneers that you will were for 3 weeks. The photos will also be used to guide the ceramist in making the final work as well.

Our digital no-goop impressions are a great hi-tech way to do these cases!

Here are some common smile pix patients bring us:

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