The Itemized Break-Down of a Dental Implant Bill

The Itemized Break-Down of a Dental Implant Bill

Aug 03, 2022

Q: I don’t understand my last bill for a dental implant. There were many items I was charged for that I had thought should have been included.

A: Have you ever seen the window sticker on a new car with all the options that are not include in the “base” price? My favorite one is: “Model Delete”. This when a buyer wants the logo, emblem or the model number left off the car. Example instead of a Mercedes GLE 350; you just see an empty space. Amazing that you are paying more for less!

Here is a typical dental implant itemized bill; all procedures are legitimate and necessary for many implant cases and all have their own fee. No hocus pocus; just facts.

Extraction (Tooth removal)

Bone graft (adding bone to create a stronger foundation for the implant)

Resorbable Membrane (A collagen barrier that keeps the bone graft in place)

Implant Body (The actual anchor, the threaded post inserted into the bone to mimic a tooth’s root)

Custom abutment: (the metal post that connects the implant to the crown; the replacement tooth)

Crown: (The replacement tooth.)

On the same subject, should a tooth receive root canal treatment (nerve removal), additional procedures with their respective fees will be needed:

Core Build up or Post and core build up: (After a root canal, often the tooth is hollow and needs to be reinforced with pins, posts and composite materials to prevent fracture and support a crown.)

Crown: (the porcelain or gold cap that fits over the whole tooth, protecting it and allowing you to chew.)

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