Treating Mouth Sores with DEBACTEROL®

Treating Mouth Sores with DEBACTEROL®

Mouth sores can be such a nuisance. They can hold you back from eating properly, and sometimes even talking. They go as far as to invite other oral problems like bad breath. While all that is alarming, it is more concerning when your mouth sires happen to be cancerous ones. It is why you much consider talking to your dentist as soon as possible to get tested.

What Are The Types of Mouth Sores?

Mouth sores go by many names, including, oral ulcers, aphthous ulcers, or canker sores. It often depends on the type of mouth sore. The lesions can appear on any part of the mouth that has soft tissue. They are minor irritation in your mouth that should not last very long. Before considering DEBACTEROL for canker sores, it is crucial to narrow down to why you have the sores in the first place. Here are some common types of mouth sores:

  • A cold sore – when you catch a cold, it can sometimes manifest as a mouth sore. The cold sore can be contagious, unlike other types of mouth sores. In most cases, cold sores attack the lips as a painful, fluid-filled blister. You may experience a tingling feeling or burn at the area of the ulcer before it appears. Soon after, you will encounter other outbreak symptoms of a cold, including body aches and low fever.
  • Gingivomatitis – the gums of the mouth are sensitive soft tissues. Gingivomatitis is common among kids and attacks the gums, but can also manifest in the inside of cheeks. They can be very painful, causing other issues such a drooling or difficulty eating.
  • Canker sore – these small oval-shaped sores in the mouth can be a big pain for patients. Canker sores can be yellow, white, or red in color, and they appear inside the mouth. They often heal on their own after a couple of days or weeks. However, DEBACTEROL is used in treating them. If canker sores are recurrent, there could be more than meets the eye. Sometimes they could indicate other health conditions, including HIV, vitamin deficiency, or celiac disease. Before concluding what your mouth sore is, consider DEBACTEROL in Palm Beach along with a doctor to thoroughly examine your oral health.

Factor That Can Cause Canker Sores

Given the type of mouth sores, there can be varying reasons for having them, including:

  • Biting yourself –an accidental bite can hurt your inner cheeks or even your tongue. Once the part is exposed to bacteria in the mouth, the wounded area could get infected. The infection often causes mouth sores. These sores should disappear as quickly as the wound heals.
  • A minor injury – some mouth injuries result from dental works — for example, a dental appliance like Invisalign® or traditional braces. Pother injuries can come from brushing the teeth too hard or even a sports injury.
  • Food sensitivity – some foods can be too harsh on the soft tissues of the mouth. Patients with sensitive skin have a hard time consuming acidic foods, for example, lemons, oranges, strawberries, pineapples, to mention a few. Consuming such foods can cause canker sores.
  • Hormonal changes – women can have significant hormonal imbalances during pregnancy on menstruation. The changes can impact the balance in the body and the immune system.
    Bacterial, fungal, or viral infection
  • Weak immune system – it can be due to stress, illness, or deficiency of folate and Vitamin B-12.


DEBACTEROL is a medication prescribed by doctors to counter the effects of canker sores. Although most mouth sores disappear on their own, some are persistent. A typical mouth sore should last a few days to two weeks. Better yet, the mouth sore should not reoccur every few weeks or months.

DEBACTEROL is used in treating canker sores that are stubborn and recurrent. It works by sealing the sore to prevent further infection and spreading of the lesion. It is known to neutralize the damage caused on the soft tissues of the mouth while propelling quick healing of the affected area. The best part is that it also takes the pain away and can allow the patient to feel comfortable throughout the healing period.

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