Veneers and Botox: Drop 10 Years in two Visits

Veneers and Botox: Drop 10 Years in two Visits

Q: My girlfriend recently had veneers which look great. She told me she had Botox as well for the lines on her forehead. Is there any issues in doing these together?

A: At a a recent charity event I told a lady at my table an amusing story about an elderly couple that finally takes a helicopter ride on vacation that the husband has been pushing for since they were first Married. (Stay tuned next week for part two if this story). After the punchline she said: “I am laughing hysterically right now, but I over did my Botox injections a week ago. Trust me I look happy right now.”

Here are our steps for erasing time from the neck-up for the New Year:

1. Pre-op photos and digital, No-Goop impressions with the iTero Element scanner. Send photos that you bring of you smiling “back -in – the -day” or pix of your favorite smiles from magazines or the Web.

2. Review and approve the lab’s diagnostic wax up: a 3D hard model of what you could look like. This model will also be used to create beautiful temporaries (temps) which you will wear for three weeks.

3. Preparation visit: Numbing the teeth, removing 8/10ths of a millimeter; (less than one millimeter.) of enamel from the face of the upper 8 to 10 teeth; followed by digital impressions and placing of the temporaries.

4. Have you and any sig-nif’s critique and alter the temps and possibly meet with the ceramist at our lab. We then send a mold and photos of your temps to the lab as a design guide for your final work along with the final shade you chose.

5. Three weeks after #4, place the permanent veneers.

6. One week or more later: Post op check and adjustments, plus, if desired, Botox for the vertical lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines on the forehead and crows feet, or whichever area you would like done. The trick is to give only 2/3rds of the 50 unit vile, have the patient come back in two weeks and evaluate if a touch up is needed. You will still be able to make expressions; just no more lines. (And and an incredible smile).

Check out our website’s “Gallery” and choose “veneers” from the drop down menus.

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