Veneers and Implants: Proportions are Key

Veneers and Implants: Proportions are Key

Q: I need a ton of dental work. I have missing teeth and want to make a big change in my smile. I think I need both veneers and implants. How important do you feel is the artistic ability of the doctor?

A: Best way to pick the right doctor for implants and veneers for a new smile is to look at two things:

Their desk and how their clothes fit. Laugh as you wish. (I know will be flooded with nasty letters form dentists across the continental USA and parts of Guam, but I am entitled to my opinion.)

If the desk is a total mess, I don’t feel comfortable. If the clothes look like they were pulled out of the box at the roller rink for those who show up in jeans on formal night and need a quick outfit for admission, run1

Esthetics in veneers follows the rule of successful design: form follows function. As an artist myself (nude charcoals back in the day), partaking in restoring automobiles has taught me a lot about proportions, design, engineering and beauty.

Getting the proportion right and strength for longevity of the dental work involves Davinci’s Golden Rules of Proportions, also known as “The Golden Ratio.

An infinite number often found in nature, art and mathematics. It’s a pattern in pinecones, seashells, galaxies and hurricanes. Two great examples are: The human brain and spinal cord and the depiction of God in Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel painting.

If the doctor and lab staff keep these principals in mind, you wont wind up with teeth that look like Chicklets, or implants that fail due to negative forces.

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