Veneers vs. Braces to “line ‘em up nice”.

Veneers vs. Braces to “line ‘em up nice”.

Q: My granddaughter wore braces for over two years.  As the years went by her teeth reverted back to the original way. She was taken to another orthodontist who said that “unless her jaw was broken and realigned it would be a waste of money to wear braces once again.”

She does not want to do this as it would mean seven to eight hours under anesthesia plus a loss of fifteen pounds, (that she can ill afford, as she is underweight to start).

Would putting porcelain veneers on the teeth be a better option?

A: Did the Doc really say: “unless her jaw was broken”? Surely one’s bed-side-manner can be improved by incorporating euphemisms or breaking out a thesaurus to pick a better choice of words than “broken”.  Why scare a young woman to death? Words matter; just look at the last two presidential campaigns.

Suggestion: get a consultation for veneers. Very often crooked front teeth can be made perfectly straight by doing ten upper veneers. Often the lowers need to be done as well. I have done severely crowded, crooked cases that came out spectacularly in two visits, but look like as if the patient wore braces for two years. See the veneer gallery on my website.

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