Virtually Painless Shots with the Vibraject

Virtually Painless Shots with the Vibraject

Q: how can I avoid shots at the dental office?

A: The number one reason 1/3rd of the population does not see the dentist is due to pain/fear of the injections. (So its not the four year old Cosmo and Popular Mechanics magazines or fish tanks with water so dark, Is there really anything alive in there.)

While getting an injection, the VibraJect® produces a mild vibrating sensation that helps over-ride the pain signals from the needle. The nerve endings associated with sensing temperature and pain are small, uninsulated and have a relatively low signal intensity. The nerves which respond to pressure and vibration are larger, insulated and have a relatively high signal intensity.

When vibration and pain signals are combined, as in the case with an injection using VibraJect, it is believed that the “vibration” message carried by the insulated nerves predominates over the “pain” message carried by the smaller uninsulated nerves. The “tactile” pathway appears to have an inhibitory action on the “pain” pathway at the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. The patient only experiences vibration as proven by the Gate Theory of Perception.

We actually go one step further and use the Dental Vibe, a two prong fork-shaped wand that is pressed against the tissues and vibrates as well, while the needle is penetrating the tissues.

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