Virtually – Painless Tooth Numbing Techniques at FREE Seminar

Virtually – Painless Tooth Numbing Techniques at FREE Seminar

Jun 23, 2021

Q: Is there any technology that can numb teeth without the shot?

A: You are barking up the right root canal my friend. You are in my wheelhouse of teeth and gums and you are running up the dental flagpole. Just register for our FREE IN PERSON LIVE seminar to the public and I will demonstrate electronic anesthesia devices that can get you numb virtually painlessly. Several devices will be covered: The Dental Vibe, The Vibraject and the Comfort Control Syringe.

More dry, sarcastic Larry David Curb your Enthusiasm humor guaranteed at my FREE; details below.

Topics covered:

How to choose a modern up to date dental office in 2021.

How to choose a hi-tech hygienist; is yours up to par?

Digital no-goop infections.

Are bone grafts needed after all extractions?

Securing loose dentures economically.

Finding problems that X-rays miss with the intra-oral camera.

Implant treatment that takes weeks not months.

Avoiding implant complications.

How to get a dazzling smile with porcelain veneers without looking fake.

Why does a crown take 20 minutes in my office, but one to two hours in your doctor’s office?

Is gum surgery even being done anymore?

When should you NOT do a root canal?

And much, much more!

Editor’s Note: Dr. Josephs’ FREE seminar to the public takes place on Friday July 16th At 11:30 at the Double Tree on PGA Blvd. Palm Beach Gardens. Their famous hot soft pretzels will be served. Receive a FREE copy of Dr. Josephs’ new Book: More Tooth Talk: What Educated Patients Need to Know About 21st Century Dental Treatment. ONLY 11SEATS REMIAN, REGISTER TODAY! Call 561-832-2917 or email DRJOSEPHS@PALMBEACHDENTIST.COM Let us know what topics you would like to see covered. Dr. Josephs and his staff will be making a donation to St. Mary’s Pediatric Oncology Support team for each person who attends the seminar.

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