What dental work cannot be delayed?

What dental work cannot be delayed?

May 20, 2020

Q: My dental office in NY is not open for elective treatment and has no date for reopening at this time. How do I know what work can wait and what needs attention right now, although I have no pain?

A: True story:

Q: Dr. Josephs I am having problems breathing and my hands are sweating like I have a fever.

A: Well, let’s start by removing your mask and your gloves.

Any diagnosis of decay, periodontal disease, fractured teeth, fractures fillings or crowns, leaking crowns or fillings, missing teeth, ailing or failing implants, teeth broken off at the gum line, chronic non-painful abscesses visible on x-rays, un-restored implants (i.e. they have already been placed, but no teeth attached to them yet) , food traps between teeth, hygienist sessions


To give you an idea on what I did during our first week back after the delay in elective procedures, see below: (this is a 28 hour work week.)

  • Installed 8 implant crowns and abutments
  • Surgically placed 4 Implants
  • Started 7 crowns
  • Installed 1 final crown
  • Started 30 veneers (3 patients; 10 veneers per patient)
  • 6 composite resin fillings of erosions at the gum line
  • 4 Scaling Root Planing and Curettage by the hygienist, plus 28 cleanings.
  • Uncovered 4 implants to start creating the teeth to attach
  • Three new patient consultations for various needs
  • 5 root canals by our endodontist, Dr. Kennedy

Yes, I am tired, but don’t let that delay your treatment!

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