What’s up with Dr. Josephs Lately?

What’s up with Dr. Josephs Lately?

Q: So. What’s new Dr. J.?

A: Well, the other day, I got a sweet new set of tires and rims on my Alfa Romeo. Molto veloce!   When I drove away, all four tires went flat on the highway. What a great way to hit the afternoon commute! And I had just spooled up a tasty Spotify playlist of the 80’s hair band, Night Ranger!…….. “Motor’n”!

How could this happen?

Apparently, when they removed the valve stems which contain the TPS monitors (tire pressure sensors) and then transferred them to the new rims, they failed to make a tight seal with the threads of the rim, allowing air to escape.

I just went back this morning for them to install a brand new set of valves and TPS valve units.

What else can I tell you?

Oh yea. On January 28th of this year we hosted a FREE seminar to the public on “How to choose a modern dental office in 2022, entitled: “Teeth for Life.” I promised I would make a donation on behalf of each attendee to the St Mary’s Pediatric Oncology Department, also known as P.O.S.T. (Pediatric Oncology Support Team). We had a great turnout resulting in my making a $2000 donation to the cancer unit.

Recently they informed me that they invested in a large piece of artwork where each child who becomes cancer-free signs before being discharged from the hospital.

Other than that; placing lots of implants and creating some great new smiles with porcelain veneers!

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