Who are the happiest dental patients? Veneer patients.

Who are the happiest dental patients? Veneer patients.

As a dentist for 35 years, I can’t count how many times a new patient’s first words out of their mouth are:

“Nothing personal doc, but I just hate dentists.”

Why on earth would you say this to a person who is about to put a drill and/or scalpel in your mouth without putting you to sleep? Why don’t you get him really angry while you’re at it and tell him you don’t like his facial hair. Then just sit back and relax.

The happiest patient are our cosmetic porcelain veneer patients. They come in all excited about getting a beautiful new smile, and they leave with exactly that! A win-win; everybody is happy!

I like the patients who before procedures ask me: “How are YOU doc? Did you get a good night’s sleep? Did you fight with your SO? (Significant other). All good today?

Just look at all our smiling patients on the veneer gallery page on our website palmbeachdentist.com

Maybe our implant surgery patients may not be jumping for joy that they need the work, but we do the procedure so quickly and painlessly, they are very happy upon exiting. Yesterday we did three implant surgeries before lunch. All three were done with no scalpel, incisions, sutures or flaps. Instead, we used a tissue punch technique which results in little or no discomfort, super-fast healing, no swelling, no bleeding and super happy patients.

Check out our 100% 5-star google reviews, I know it’s only 200, but they are all real patients. We don’t pay any digital marketing company that generates fake reviews just to bump up their numbers. (I find it’s always suspicious when a doctor has 2000+ reviews and he only graduated in 2023!) Most of our patient’s reviews show the actual procedure they had. If not, it is usually in my response thanking them for the review.

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