Why a patient sticks with their current dentist part I

Why a patient sticks with their current dentist part I

The past couple of columns we addressed reasons why patients leave dental practices. Now let’s talk about why patients stay; sometimes for decades!

Here are some non-clinical reasons from actual patients from our practice:

  • “I just lost my father and Dr. Josephs sent me a book on grieving the loss of a parent.”
  • “I’m really into dogs and Dr. J. gave me a book on my favorite breed.”
  • “As a car guy and collector of British sports cars from the 60’s, I was so pleased to have received from Dr. J. an original sales brochure from 1969 for my exact car!”
  • “Dr. J. visited my husband in the hospital; a total surprise. (Note: I did not PUT her husband in the hospital!)”
  • “When I needed a root canal; I was very nervous. On his day off on a Friday, Dr. J. showed up at the office of the endodontist to say hello before they took me in to the operatory!”
  • “Dr J noticed my car’s key chain and bought me a BMW baseball hat and matching golf umbrella.”
  • “He came out to greet me in the waiting room at my first visit”
  • “After my veneers were done, he gave me a very high-end Guerlain lipstick in a beautiful case with a pop-up mirror.”
  • “He calls me at night after any dental procedures that involve injections, like my dental implant surgeries.”
  • “He sends me very nice personally written note cards thanking me for my patronage and referrals; often with gift cards. (Warning: My hand writing is terrible; brush up on your hieroglyphics and sand script!”
  • “I am always impressed how well his staff runs the show; he is great at hiring talent!”
  • “Easily the cleanest and best run doctor’s office I have ever experiences.”
  • “He rarely runs late.”
  • “He smells really nice.” (Patient was female)
  • “Great hygienists”

Part II will concentrate on clinical outcomes that make patients keep coming back.

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