Why Debacterol is the Best Canker Sore Pain Relief Treatment

Why Debacterol is the Best Canker Sore Pain Relief Treatment

The majority of medical practitioners point out that Debacterol® is one of the best therapeutic tools when it comes to Aphthous Stomatitis treatment, otherwise called canker sores. It’s an effective treatment option that is widely used by dentists who perform oral procedures; for the control of necrotic tissues.

Before we delve into the use of debacterol swabs, let’s get firsthand information on what canker sores are.

Canker Sores

Canker sores display as shallow and tiny lesions that form around soft tissues of the mouth cavity. At times, they can develop at the base of gums. Although they are not contagious, canker sores can become painful and make eating, drinking, and even talking difficult.

Note that canker sores, unlike cold sores, rarely occur on the lips’ surface, that’s why they are not as contagious. These small infections last only a few days then go away by themselves. Visit Mitchell A. Josephs DDS clinic if your canker sores are unusually large and painful.


You know you have a canker sore when you notice a white or yellow, oval or round sore with a red border inside your mouth cavity.

They can be found under the tongue, on your gums, inside the cheeks, and even on the soft palate. Before the appearance of any sore, you might experience a burning or tingling feeling in those areas.

Canker sores are of three types; it can either be major, minor, or a herpetiform canker sore.

Minor Canker Sores

They are the most common type, and:

  • Are Small in size
  • Come oval-shaped with red edges
  • Last only a week or two
  • Heal without scarring

Major Canker Sores

They are less common compared to minor canker sores.

  • Deeper and larger than minor sores
  • Are large with clear borders. Edges are irregular when it becomes very large
  • Can get painful
  • Last up to 6 weeks and possibly heal with an extensive scar

Herpetiform Canker Sores

These canker sores are quite rare and occur in later stages of life. Their root cause is, however, not the herpes virus infection. Below are their characteristics.

  • They are pinpoint in size
  • Occur in bunches of 10 to 100 sores. The clusters may merge to form one large sore/ulcer
  • Have irregular borders
  • Last for a week or two, and they heal without leaving scars

For any of the above types of canker sores, treatment is necessary to dismiss away the pain and difficulty in performing oral tasks such as speech and eating.

Debacterol Treatment

The Debacterol debriding agent is a liquid topical medication by Epien Medical Inc. It is a prescription-only remedy for minor abrasion treatment of the oral mucosa. It has also been widely useful in treating ulcerating mucosal lesions, otherwise called canker sores, oral ulcers, or Aphthous Ulcers.

Debacterol comes in handy when it’s necessary for debridement of neurotic and damaged oral tissues. It has superior pain-relieving abilities and even speeds up the healing process, thanks to both its chemical and physical properties.

How Does It Work

The method of application for this medication is easy.

First, use a piece of medical cotton to clean dry the damaged lesion. Next is to grab the debacterol swab provided and use it to apply the liquid on the area of interest. You’ll notice that pain goes away in seconds. You will then have to wait for up to 5 days to heal fully.

What debacterol does is that it speeds up the generation of new healthy tissues that replace damaged tissue around the lesion/sore. This is effected by the medicine’s ability to control the factors causing injury around and in the ulcer, which is essential for the healing of any ailing mucosal lesion.

Your body’s immune system is wholly relied upon to perform the above function when treatment is not administered. The process is, however, slower and less effective, and can take weeks for your canker sore to heal.

When comparing debacterol to other therapies, experts have found this mediation to be a reliable treatment option for recurrent canker sores.

According to its manufacturer, the treatment alleviates ulcer pain, seals mucosal tissue injuries, and forms a protective blockade after a single application. This allows the lesion to be replaced by healthy tissue within 3-5 days.

The pain relief properties of Debacterol over alternative treatments are so exceptional that seeking professional treatment even becomes a burden, time-consuming, and expensive. Visit us at Palm Beach, FL, and get your Debacterol treatment kit today.

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