Why did my recently made bridge have to be re-done?

Why did my recently made bridge have to be re-done?

Q: I had a bridge completed just two years ago which now I am told has to be redone due decay underneath? Why would this happen and how do you prevent this?

Dr. J’s Rant:

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In order to prevent decay from seeping in under crowns or bridges, a super accurate final impression must be made. Otherwise gaps will form allowing the cement to wash out, allowing the teeth to rot underneath. Here is how we prevent this:

  • All teeth that have had root canals must have proper length and bulk in order to support the bridge or crown. Very often this is achieved with pins, posts and what is called core-build-ups made of composites.
  • The gum surrounding the teeth usually covers key parts of the teeth where the fit is critical. We use a Diode Laser to create a trough which allows for accurate impressions. If this is not done, it is guaranteed that you will have gaps which lead to failure
  • The use of digital, no-goop, impression scanners take a 3-D image of the teeth, resulting in robotic milled replicas of your mouth for insanely accurate crowns, veneers and bridges.
  • Very often it is best to let the gums heal while rinsing with Peridex before taking the final impression
  • X-rays taken post operatively will help in diagnosing any open gaps.

Let us know if you have any questions on this matter. This can save you thousands of dollars.

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