Why did you leave your dentist? Part II

Why did you leave your dentist? Part II

Nov 30, 2023

As I stated last week: I have always been fascinating with books on “Behavioral Economics”; why we choose one product or service over another. Coke vs. Pepsi, Avis vs. Hertz, Dr. Shapiro over Dr. Johnson, etc.

Last week we discussed reasons to leave a business unrelated to the actual product or service purchased. Example: One of my patients walked out of a Tesla dealership because the salesperson made her sit in a car in the showroom where she just witnessed a couple change their baby’s diaper. The smell bothered them to the point that they left and bought another brand of automobile!

This week we will list reasons patients leave dental offices that are related to the actual procedures performed.

  1. Came in for a checkup with no pain, cavity detected on X-ray, got a filling and now I have severe sensitivity and was told I now need a root canal and crown. (This is completely normal. Cavities rarely cause pain. If they are deep, the removal of the decay OFTEN is close to the nerve which will require root canal treatment to save the tooth. What’s the alternative; let the decay get so deep that you get a full-blown abscess with pain and possibly lose the tooth? Not!)
  2. Failed implants. (5% of implants will fail due to biological factors in the patient. Many times, when the implant is re-done, close to a 100% of them make it.
  3. Recent crown or veneer fractures or came off. (Common and easy to re-cement. There is no way to predict how long anything attached to the human body will last. Heart valves, knee replacements and dental work.)
  4. My new dentures are as loose as my old ones! (They all will be unless you add two to four implants to hold them down)
  5. My temporary veneers look better than the final ones! (Should not happen. We take pictures and digital scans of your temporaries and indicate to the lab what changes you wish to see in the final ones. No more unpleasant surprises.)
  6. Bleaching my teeth did not work. (And it won’t, unless you are in your 20’s and 30’s or have yellow teeth or smoke stains or wine and tea stains.  Gray colors do not bleach. You need to consider veneers.)

Let’s hear from you. Please email your story on things not turning out great with your dental work or other non-clinical stories related to the office itself leading you to “jump ship” .

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