Why do you like your dentist?

Why do you like your dentist?

No, it’s not an oxymoron (or any moron) that the words “like” lie within the same prose as “dentist”.

Here are some compliments we have received over the years from our patients: the top_3__ actually came to us today. (Note this is in addition to our stellar Google reviews; these are actual comments, exact quotes, expressed in our office.)

  • Décor of waiting room: “great chairs”!
  • The relaxing, yet hip music you guys play.
  • The general relaxing vibe of the entire office décor
  • Amazing technology that I have never seen before
  • The shots you give; I barely feel them at all.
  • The calls in the evening to check on me.
  • The personal note card I received after my first visit.
  • Your cologne (thank you Tom Ford; F-Fabulous)
  • Beautiful looking and professional, warm staff
  • No use of the gaging goop impression stuff (digital impressioins)
  • Great results of the work (veneers for a new smile, implants, etc)
  • No matter what; I never have to wait more than two weeks to get in for a cleaning during the high season
  • Rarely are seen late; and even if I am, I always get out on time
  • You are the fastest dentist I have ever had; I am out of the chair in no time!
  • Love the drone videos of Europe on the TV’s in the operatories!
  • Staff holds my hand when I am nervous
  • Great sedation technique with that miracle pill
  • Doctor’s sense of humor
  • Great bedside manner; explains things in layman’s terms extremely well.
  • Cool uniforms; different color each day of the week.
  • Neat shoes
  • Office and all of the staff look clean.
  • Always remind me of my appointments by text
  • Same staff has been in the practice for years!
  • Have not felt any pain during treatment.

What’s in your dental office?

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