Why Not Add Some Charm To Your Smile This Valentine’s Day with Dental Veneers?

Why Not Add Some Charm To Your Smile This Valentine’s Day with Dental Veneers?

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast you could be looking for different ways to add some Charm to your smile. Have you considered using the thin tooth-colored shells that can be attached to the front surface of your teeth to improve your appearance? We are talking of dental veneers that are made from porcelain or resin composite and are permanently cemented to your teeth.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and shouldn’t make you wonder why or when you need this treatment. The veneers are useful for treating different cosmetic concerns including broken, chipped, discolored or smaller teeth.

You can decide to get just a single veneer for a broken or chipped tooth but many are getting about 6 to 8 veneers to create an even and symmetrical smile. The front eight teeth in the upper jaw are the common recipients of veneers.

What Types of Veneers Are Available?

Porcelain is the material most commonly used to make dental veneers. You will be required to undergo intensive preparation before the traditional veneers are applied compared to alternative options like no-prep veneers that take less time for the application.

Placing conventional dental veneers on your teeth requires grinding down the surface of the tooth to remove even some enamel. The removal allows for proper placement. However, it is an irreversible procedure that involves some pain and often requires a local anesthetic.

Veneers are not similar to crowns or implants because they only cover the front surface of the tooth. Implants replace the entire tooth and crowns also function similarly but veneers can allow you to add charm to your smile because they only cover the visible front surface.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Veneers?

Improving the appearance of your teeth is the biggest benefit of dental veneers because it can give you a brighter and more even smile. They are often used to treat cosmetic concerns of the following types.

  • Severe discoloration or uneven coloring that cannot be fixed by teeth whitening.
  • Chipped or broken teeth.
  • Gaps between the teeth.
  • Unusually shaped or pointed teeth.
  • Smaller than average teeth.

Having them before Valentine’s will ensure you don’t have to look at your teeth again for over a decade because these are semipermanent investments that can help you smile confidently for a long time.

How to Prepare for Dental Veneers

First of all, you need to be prepared with the finances because veneers are considered as cosmetic treatments and not covered by insurance policies. Conventional veneers can cost between $ 925-$2500 per tooth and last for up to 10 to 15 years. They prove to be a cost-effective option even though no-prep veneers cost less but last only for 5 to 7 years.

You must have a preliminary appointment with your dentist to understand how it can improve your smile and to discuss the options that are appropriate for you. If you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment the dentist can place the veneers before you get the braces. The dentist you have chosen will be taking x-rays to evaluate the health of your teeth and look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or the need to undergo root canal procedures. You may be considered unsuitable for veneers if you are suffering from any of these conditions.

During the next appointment, the dentist will trim half a millimeter of your tooth before taking a mold of your teeth which is then sent to the dental laboratory for creating your veneers.

Placing the Veneers on Your Teeth

The dental laboratory requires about two weeks to prepare the veneers after your dentist creates and sends the mold to them. Therefore if you want to add the Charm to your smile before Valentine’s Day you may as well contact Dr. Mitchell Josephs right away to have them placed in your mouth the moment they are in by around January 15, 2020. You can schedule an appointment with the dentist for the placement when the fitting, shape, and coloration of the veneers will be evaluated to ensure they are perfect for your needs.

Your dentist will then thoroughly clean your teeth to prevent keeping bacteria trapped below the veneer and causing decay. Your tooth will be given a rough texture by using a grinding tool to make it easier for the veneer to be cemented to the tooth.

Dental cement will be used by the dentist to bond the veneer to the teeth along with ultraviolet light to harden the cement quickly. As you leave the office of the dentist you will already have added the charm you wanted for Valentine’s Day to your smile a month before the occasion.

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