Why Our Veneers Look Real; Even with Super White Shades

Why Our Veneers Look Real; Even with Super White Shades

Q: I recently got veneers, but did not like these odd gray edges at the bottoms; why are they not white?

A: I know that from my 34 year career in doing implants and porcelain veneers, my staff and I probably perform more of these procedures than 95% of practices from Boynton to Tequesta, and from Wellington to the Ocean. (Atlantic; not Pacific.) This is not arrogance; this is inferred reasoning; bordering on fact. I have used the main porcelain ceramist that makes the veneers for the top practices in the area for 25 years. His lab is awesome; I had to wait for a dentist to pass a away just to get into his lab back then! He knows the offices and doctors that are experts in veneers and perform them on a weekly basis.

By adding a narrow edge of translucency in the porcelain, any shade of veneer will look natural. We also add “lobes” and “flutes”, often found in crown molding, to break up the light and add texture like real teeth, and more importantly, like how our teeth were when we were younger. You don’t have to go with Regis Philbin white teeth. Patients make the choice in our practice after they wear the temporary veneers (or crowns) for a few days. Patient have a say in the shape and style of the teeth as well. I go by hair and skin color, personality, occupation, lips, facial features, and many other aspects for a holistic approach.

We encourage patients to bring photos they like from magazines showing smiles they like, or pictures or them when they were younger. Recent photos have been Hale Berry, Paula Abdul and Demi More.

We allow prospective patients to call our list of hundreds of veneer patients who have given their permission to chat with them. We can even arrange a face to face meeting in our conference room here at our practice.

Oddly enough, even though we are on the Island of Palm Beach for the last 30 years, we have been told our fees are often 20% less than doctors in towns off Palm Beach Island, such as Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach and Boynton Beach.

Just like the owner of the Hair Club for Men once said in a TV commercial: “I’m the founder and a client.” My veneers are 22 years old, made by my go-to-dental lab, and still look great!

When will you change your smile?

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