Why you should get the vaccine

Why you should get the vaccine

By popular request, I will discuss why it is safe why it is important to get the COVID Vaccine:

From the CDC and ADA:

  1. As my mother would say: “Because I said so!” This was often followed by a swift jab of her right elbow. The same technique she used when she caught Richie Kravitz and I ice skating on my neighbor Sylvia Shiller’s swimming pool in February of ’75.
  2. From the ADA and CDC: Data on safety of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines is very good though fatigue, fever, headache, and achiness that some people will experience might be sufficient to miss a day of work.
  3. The safety profiles for both vaccines are similar across age groups, genders, ethnic and racial groups, as well as those with or without medical co-morbidities (high risk illnesses).
  4. The patients who should not get the vaccine are mainly the ones who have had severe allergic reactions i.e. anaphylaxis to foods or medications.
  5. Data on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are better than had been required by the original FDA efficacy criterion in phase 3 clinical trials.
  6. The efficacy of the vaccines range from 80% to 95%.
  7. The widespread use of the vaccines have great potential to reduce the circulating levels of the virus.
  8. Two weeks following the second shot, it is extremely difficult to get Covid!

You will make yourself crazy searching the internet.

We wear seatbelts to prevent killing each other in a car; we get vaccines so we don’t kill each other with a kiss. Please get yours when available.

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