Dental Outreach Program for Holocaust Survivors

I have started a program doing pro bono prosthodontic and oral surgical procedures on Holocaust survivors living below the poverty level.

My wife and many of my friends had families that were tortured and murdered by the Nazis, which has always had me involved in promoting that society does not ever forget the biggest mass murder in human history. Soon there will be no living members left to tell their stories.

I have found in my research in the clinical treatment of these dear patients that they have the following issues in common:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • COPD and other pulmonary diseases.
  • Estrangement from adult children who provide no financial support.

The patients are referred to us by the Alpert Jewish Family Services and the Jewish Residential & Family Services in West Palm Beach, FL.

I hope to form an alliance of dentists to join me in this charitable contribution to society.

Please contact The Alpert Jewish Family Services of Palm Beach County directly if you are a Holocaust survivor who is interested in becoming a pro bono patient for this dental outreach program. We do not take patients for this project through our online booking software, only through referral from The Alpert Jewish Family Services of Palm Beach County.

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