How long does it take to get used to a dental bridge?

Because we make a temporary bridge that is very close to the final bridge, you will get used to your new bridge in one day.

What not to do after getting a dental crown?

Make sure the cement is fully cured before eating on it and return to the office for a bite adjustment only if needed, two weeks after received the crown.

What not to do when you get fillings?

Avoid hard brittle foods.

How do you get used to partial dentures fast?

Us them a few hours per day and don’t use them at night.

Does a fractured tooth always have to be pulled?

Not always. Some can be saved with a crown, or crown + root canal. The xray and the examination of the tooth will allow us to know what to do.

Can I eat after a dental onlay?

Yes. Right away. Our cement is cured by an LED light 100%.

Can you go back to normal teeth after veneers?

No. You can do veneers over again, or crown the teeth. You cant go back to having 100% of your tooth structure that was reduced during the preparation of the teeth for your veneers.

What are Picasso Diode Laser Treatments?

This device can be used for impressions for crowns, removal of extra gum growth for the gummy smile and to remove purple spots on the lips. Hemangiamos.

What is included in smile makeover?

Usually metal-free porcelain veneers and crowns to create a beautiful smile.

Is whitening your teeth good for your teeth?

If done no more than once per year; it is “safe” for your teeth.

How long should you rest after bone graft?

Just the day the work was done.

What type of biopsy is done for oral cancer?

A small incision is made, and closed with sutures.

How do you know if pericoronitis is spreading?

It does not spread to other teeth.

What does periodontal plastic surgery include?

Treating patients with gummy smiles.

How long does root canal therapy take?

30 min to two hours depending on how many canals are in the tooth. 1 to 5.

How long should you rest after bone graft?

No need to rest after the day it was done.

What to expect after crown lengthening surgery?

Sore and inflamed gums. Sutures need to come out I a week. Tooth will be sensitive to cold.

What are the restrictions after frenectomy?

Soft diet for four days, pain meds and salt water rinsing.

What is hybrid prosthesis in implant?

A one piece set of teeth that replaces an entire arch of missing teeth held in place with dental implants.

Do they cut your gums for implants?

Often a small pencil eraser size hole is made with a tissue punch.

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