Meet Holocaust Survivors Raisa

Meet Ms. Raisa

Meet Ms. Raisa

Raisa Sokolovsky is a child Holocaust survivor from Ukraine. Her family lived in Vitebsk, Belarus. She is the youngest of seven children and was a small child at the time the Nazis invaded. The family, through very ‘bashert’ circumstances, was on the last train that was allowed to leave. This train crossed paths with German soldiers and was heavily bombed, and everyone fled the train into the fields. Eventually, and with much hardship, Raisa and her family made it to Gorki (deeper in Russia), then in horse-drawn wagons to Guselniki, where they were sheltered by a gentile family. This is where she remained until liberation when they returned to find their home destroyed and many of their relatives killed. Raisa grew up in Lvov after the war and was able to finally emigrate to the US in 1978.

Her dental concern is the six teeth in the middle of her lower jaw. The roots are too short, and she needs advice about what to do. Eating and chewing are problematic for her.

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