Dental Crowns in Palm Beach, FL

Dental Crowns in Palm Beach, FL

Advanced Technology in Dental Crowns

As one of the premier cosmetic and general dentists in Palm Beach, having the right equipment to perform precision-point dentistry is important not only for our practice, but for the quality of your smile, as well.

Why it is Necessary

There can be any number of reasons for a dental crown, but a few of the most common situations include the enhancement of the physical appearance of a tooth that’s been damaged by decay, trauma, chipping, cracking, or discoloration. Another reason is to strengthen the structural integrity of a tooth that may experience further damage if not reinforced with a dental crown.

Our Promise for a Perfect Smile

We’re proud to announce that we offer one of the most advanced pieces of technology in dental crown imaging — the iTero®️ digital impression system — to ensure you’ll receive the smile you’ve been dreaming of more accurately than previous methods.

iTero® Digital Impressions in Palm Beach

As one of the few practices trained in the use of the iTero® scanner, our dental care team will take 3-D digital images of your teeth in order to customize your crown. What that means for patients like you is no more putty in your mouth that’s not only uncomfortable, but also not as reliable in crown design as the iTero® technology.

Looking for Modern Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry from a Palm Beach Dentist?

Think about it this way: You’re coming to our office for the most modern solutions in cosmetic and general dentistry, so why would we use old-fashioned impression material? You want accurate dentistry, and we deliver it through accurate digital readings – not unpleasant-tasting materials that are prone to inaccurate information.

You’ll Be Able to See the Results of Your Dental Crown Procedure Beforehand

The iTero® technology also allows our office to visually show you your treatment options during your appointment so you can be ensured of a perfect crown. This early insight is an important step in patient satisfaction from a Palm Beach dentist.

Our Professional Commitment

It’s our unparalleled commitment to excellence that has earned us the reputation as a front-runner in modern dentistry by offering the latest technology to every patient we meet – whether it’s for a dental implant, a dental crown in Palm Beach, or any of the other services provided in our comfortable and private office.

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