DIAGNOdent in Palm Beach, FL

DIAGNOdent in Palm Beach, FL

Decay in teeth can cause various issues to occur, including irreversible damage. The smallest spot of decay can cause trouble in your mouth and lead to dental problems that require major treatment if they’re not caught in time by a dental professional at the Palm Beach Towers. To prevent this, we use advanced dental machines to spot tiny spots of decay that can hide in teeth and may not be seen by conventional methods of examination.

Catch Dental Issues Faster

DIAGNOdent is a powerful machine capable of detecting even the smallest amount of decay on teeth. Even with the best conventional methods of spotting decay in teeth, only about half of the decayed areas in teeth are detected. Cavities can be hidden in small areas on the backs of teeth, making it hard for dentists to see them – especially if they are smaller than the probe head. With DIAGNOdent, these areas can no longer remain hidden, and decay can be eliminated before it causes any more damage.

Advanced DIAGNOdent Technology

DIAGNOdent is revolutionary, inspecting the teeth by using a laser diode that compares the health of your teeth to baseline wavelength. When there is decay, the machine can detect it and emits a different colored light than it would on healthy enamel. If the reading is between 10 or 20, this indicated there is a potential problem. A reading over 20 signifies definite decay and the need for removal and a filling.

The Palm Beach Towers Premier Care

We offer premium care at our dental clinic, using revolutionary dental machinery and technology to deliver a satisfactory, comfortable, and unforgettable experience to patients in the Palm Beach area and beyond. DIAGNOdent doesn’t require the use of x-ray machines and helps us use only the most conservatory methods to treat areas of decay before they become more significant. Not many dental practices use this technology, so visit us to be sure of your oral health and the status of your teeth.

Your dentist at the Palm Beach Towers can detect and treat cavities and areas of decay immediately, so schedule an appointment to get an examination with DIAGNOdent and a professional cleaning to preserve the health of your teeth.

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