Full and Partial Dentures

For our patients at Dr. Mitchell Josephs who have no remaining natural teeth, or who are missing several of their natural teeth, or even adults who are thinking about having the rest of their teeth extracted, here at Dr. Mitchell Josephs we have removable dentures and partials that are considered efficient and a very cost-effective way they can keep their beautiful smiles.

How the procedure works?

If you decide to purchase your teeth here at Dr. Mitchell Josephs they will be crafted expertly in our dental lab by using a detailed impression of your teeth and anatomy. We work with these impressions and the models of your mouth, incorporate all the small details that keep making your smile so unique to you. Then, the shape, size, shade of your false teeth and even the color of your acrylic ‘gum tissue’ will be customized to different degrees, so it gives you a look that is perfect for you.

The removable replacements for your missing teeth involve the false teeth that we have secured to a base which will fit perfectly over your gums, over the floor of your mouth, across the roof of your mouth and they can be adjusted as necessary to fit your lower or upper jaw.

So, what is the difference?

You might decide to use a partial plate denture if you are missing a few to several teeth. Many patients will decide on this when they only have some of their back teeth missing, or when a few of the front teeth are missing.

You will find that partials are also made from a durable acrylic base that was cast from metal. You must have a few of your natural teeth remaining so you can have something to anchor your partial, and it will clasp or attach itself to the other teeth to lock it in place.

Compare this to if you might select dentures if you are entirely toothless or if you plan to have all your teeth removed. It will be a full-sized resin base attached to a full set of natural-looking teeth.

How to Enjoy your Full Dentures and Partials

It is a chance to have the smile of your choice. Your natural teeth may never have been as white or as straight as you would have liked, your new false teeth can be made and designed according to the way you want them to look here at Dr. Mitchell Josephs.

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