No Cut Dental Implants in Palm Beach, FL

No Cut Dental Implants in Palm Beach, FL

No Cut Procedure

Dr. Mitchell Josephs uses hi-tech digital imagery to guide the placement of dental implants without incisions, scalpels or stitches. This technique also allows the impression to be taken at the time of surgery which means only two visits are necessary to finish the patients case, including the final porcelain crowns or permanent bridges.

This is the least invasive technique to replace missing teeth with permanent teeth and can also be used to secure loose dentures.

Patients experience little or no pain and rarely have any bleeding or swelling.

A small amount of local anesthesia is used to numb the gum tissue. No deep nerve blocks are ever necessary. Using digital imaging by Dexis, the leader in digital Xrays, he maps the underlying bone topography, showing exactly where to place the implant through the gum, without any incisions.

After taking an impression of the top of the implant, left exposed and flush to the gum line, the permanent crown or bridge can be connected to the implants in two to three months. This is half the time to complete the work compared to traditional implant surgery.

Dr. Josephs presents several Power Point slides on this subject at his FREE seminars to the public given throughout the year. Call us to find out when his next seminar is or to book your consultation to see if you are a candidate for this great technique!

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