Opalescence Treswhite in Palm Beach, FL

Opalescence Treswhite in Palm Beach, FL

Dental patients of the Palm Beach Towers, we are now introducing Treswhite by Opalescence. If you’ve been wanting a brighter smile, Treswhite is a new and highly advanced way to whiten teeth dramatically, making your enamel shine and dazzle. The process is easy, fast, and can be performed in our office, which is located in Palm Beach, FL.

How Does This Whitening System Work?

Treswhite uses whitening trays with a bleaching solution that contains potassium nitrate as well as fluoride to protect teeth and prevent the formation of cavities as it whitens. There is no need to get trays customized – each tray fits comfortably on teeth and adheres to them, staying in place. They’re meant to be worn for 60 minutes each day, once a day.

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When Are Results Visible?

Most patients will see results with Treswhite much faster than they would with other at home whitening products. This is due to the high concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which allows the results to be noticeable in just one day. Yes, in just one day you can have a noticeably brighter smile without damaging your teeth or having to get treatment in the office. You can brighten teeth as you go about your day, producing an amazing smile and increasing confidence.

Keep Your Smile White

After you’ve achieved the desired results with this whitening system, be sure to keep your teeth white by practicing excellent oral hygiene. Avoid foods that could stain your teeth, such as dark beverages. Visit a dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and to examine the health of your teeth to prevent damage and decay from spreading. Without biannual cleanings, you may suffer from dental issues that are undiagnosed and may worsen without treatment from a professional at the Palm Beach Towers.

If brightening your smile in the easiest and fastest way possible interests you, call our office or stop in for a visit to schedule an appointment with our dental experts. Our office only uses the most advanced dental technology available and can even perform implant procedures without incisions or cutting. Contact our office for an appointment or consultation today.

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