Picasso Diode Laser Treatments in Palm Beach, FL

Picasso Diode Laser Treatments in Palm Beach, FL

Picasso Diode Laser Treatments

AMD LASERS recently launched the Picasso soft-tissue diode laser that combines ease of use with compact yet powerful design, delivering comprehensive results for virtually any diode procedure. We use this laser for periodontal treatment and to remove purple lip bumps called hemangiomas.

Removal of Lip Hemangiomas – Q & A

Q: For several years now, I have had a growing purplish bump on my lower lip. I had consulted with a plastic surgeon, but he said it is not dangerous and did not want to attempt to remove it. I really hate the way it looks. What can be done about it? Marge in Wellington

A: I’m with you Marge. A recent survey performed by a group of social psychology researchers showed that the first part of the human body that one human looks at upon meeting another human is the mouth and teeth. I believe it goes back to our ancestors who had to make sure a fellow cave dweller was not sporting a growling attack face. We all look at each other’s mouths first to see if we can trust that person and to see if we are attracted to that person for possible procreation and continuation of our species. (Postal workers are trustworthy and usually have decent teeth.)

You are probably describing a hemangioma, or venous lake; a pooling of blood under the translucent skin of the lip. Many surgeons are cautious to remove these due to excessive bleeding and possible scaring from incisions and sutures. The fastest, least invasive way to remove these puppies is with a diode laser, which many dentists already use in the mouth on a daily basis for periodontal treatment and just before crown and bridge impressions along the gum line. Within 45 seconds the lesion will turn white and in about four weeks, your little purple friend will be gone. For some great before and after photos of these cases, contact us.

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