Silent Nite – Stop Snoring in Palm Beach, FL

Silent Nite – Stop Snoring in Palm Beach, FL

The problem of snoring affects millions of people. In fact, some estimate 90 million men and women snore in the U.S. and Canada alone. Not only does snoring disrupt the sleeping habits of spouses and children but also snoring causes adverse health effects in the man or women who snores—potentially raising blood pressure to dangerous levels.

The Causes of Snoring

Snoring happens when the muscles in the throat and mouth relax during the course of the night. The relaxation narrows the airway passage and causes the muscles to vibrate, as air must push through the restricted space. Other factors like Body Mass Index (BMI) and alcohol consumption can also cause snoring, but the real problem exists in the reduced passageway capacity and tissue vibrations. Several procedures have attempted to open the passageway during sleep, but the snoring preventative device, Silent Nite remains the most comfortable, non-invasive, and cost-effective snoring solution.

The Silent Nite Solution

Patients using Silent Nite experience a documented clinical success rate between 80 and 100 percent. Positioning the lower jaw forward using S-shaped connectors attached to upper and lower trays, Silent Nite is both easy to insert and made of a soft inner layer and durable outer layer. Users are often surprised by the comfortable design. Each and every Silent Nite is custom molded to the patient’s mouth and made from BPA-free plastic.

Is Silent Nite Right for Me?

The Silent Nite device only prevents snoring and does not interfere with breathing through the mouth or nose. Even in patients with congested nasal passages, Silent Nite allows uninhibited oral breathing. With the device in place, small movements of the jaw are still possible. If you or a loved one suffers from mild to severe snoring, Silent Nite is the most effective and convenient oral snoring preventative device.

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