Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach, FL

Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach, FL

When to Clean Your Teeth

Are you tired of looking at your teeth and noticing that they look yellow or discolored? There is no shame in having teeth that look dull or yellow. This discoloration happens over time, as the dentin under the enamel is exposed by thinning enamel. There are other factors that cause discolored teeth, including:

  • Taking certain medications
  • Damaging a tooth
  • Excessive exposure to fluoride
  • Rare dental disorders
  • Genetic factors
  • Fillings that change color over time

The enamel can also be stained when drinking dark beverages like wine, coffee, and tea. Smoking can also cause discoloration to occur. The good news is that a high-quality stain remover can get rid of these stains on teeth.

Teeth can be whitened intrinsically or extrinsically. Intrinsic whitening removes stains from the inside of the enamel (the dentin) while extrinsic whitening removes surface stains from the enamel. Dentin soaks up bleaching agents, becoming whiter after they are applied. You can protect teeth from becoming discolored by reducing acid consumption. Surface stains, like coffee stains, can be removed by your Dr. Mitchell Josephs dentist in Palm Beach, FL with a simple cleaning and polish.

What you should know before the treatment

Whitening your teeth requires patients to repair dental issues that have not been treated. This is because whitening cannot occur until any problems are fixed so that the results are as effective and safe as possible. It may also save you from irritation that could be caused by bleach products coming in contact with areas of the mouth. Gum recession and several other issues can cause you pain and discomfort to increase.

Sensitivity may occur after the whitening has taken place. This sensitivity is temporary, usually only lasting a day or two before subsiding. Pain relievers and over the counter medications can help with this discomfort, making teeth whitening one of the safest dental procedures around.

Our Dr. Mitchell Josephs team in Palm Beach is experienced and wishes to make sure every patient has a chance to get the perfect smile. You will no longer look at pictures and wish you could see yourself – you’ll be posing for frequent selfies in no time with our team!

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