Choosing the right dentists for cosmetic Veneers

Choosing the right dentists for cosmetic Veneers

Q: I finally decided to improve my smile. My teeth are too short, crooked and an awful color. How do I know what dentist is the right one for this procedure?

A: The short answer is: “I am the right dentists for this procedures.” Now, don’t get put-off if I say that my staff and I are truly one of the best cosmetic practices in the world, especially when it comes to veneers. One would say: “Wow this guy has an ego the size of a Buick!”

Firstly, for those who are in the dark as to what a veneer is; think of it as a set of permanent finger nails, but for teeth. They are permanent facings of porcelain that are affixed to the fronts of the teeth. Only 8/10ths of a millimeter of enamel reduction on the face of the tooth is necessary.

You can literally come in with a photo from when you were younger or from a magazine and. BOOM. You got it! We can correct crowded, crooked teeth without doing any orthodontics. New smiles are usually completed in four weeks from start to finish. A typical case is 10 uppers and 10 lowers (if you show the lowers when you speak.)

Now why me and my team?

  1. I have 33 years of experience and place hundreds of veneers every year.
  2. Our five-star google reviews specifically reflect veneer cases vs. patients who were in for a cleaning.
  3. We have many patients who have come to us for veneers from out of state and out of country: Denmark, Spain, France, England, Canada and all 50 states.
  4. Several of our patients are on television as reality stars and professional athletes.
  5. Many local professionals have had their smiles done with us: Physicians, lawyers, surgeons and even retired dentists!
  6. We use digital no-goop impressions, no gagging and extremely accurate.
  7. 3D printing technology that creates models used to make temporary veneers that look like the final product. Most cases will have you in temporaries for about three weeks.
  8. Our website has a veneer gallery with tons of cases.
  9. We allow prospective patients to speak and/or meet with previous patients to put their minds at ease.

Veneers are rarely taught in dental school on a clinical level; most of us learn the techniques from post graduate, continuing education programs. Visit your prospective doctor’s website and view his cases, then book a consult. Make sure the office is doing veneers every week or at least every month.



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