Hi Tech Implant Procedure check list

Hi Tech Implant Procedure check list

Mar 22, 2021

Q: I have had several opinions on my much needed implant work, how can I make the decision on which way to go? Some doctors say it could be done in four months, some say six months. A few require two surgeries, but some only one.

A: Like David Letterman, now in retirement roaming the beach with a metal detector sporting sandals and black socks, we too like “Top 10 Lists.”

Recently a new patient asked me: “What are the benefits to my having my implant work done in your office with your methods and technology vs. someplace else.” (I felt like I was being interviewed for dental school circa 1983; break out my Members Only jacket!)

Here was my top 10:. #1) All work is done by me in one office; no referrals to outside doctors. You will not be driving across town with bloody gauze in your mouth to have your temporary denture adjusted.

#2) Incisionless, no-cut placement of the implants: no stitches, no second surgery with the tissue punch technique.

#3 Implant stability will be measured at placement with Osstell, a sound wave device that will tell us EXACTLY when you can have the permanent teeth attached, usually in three months.

#4) Digital scan of the top of the implant with iTero (No goopy molds) AT THE TIME OF PLACEMENT so that the lab can begin making your crown(s) immediately.

#5) The use of Zimmer Biomet Implants, used by the top dental surgeons in the world, allowing for all of the above to take place

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