One Implant; Two Teeth-The Cantilever Bridge

One Implant; Two Teeth-The Cantilever Bridge

Mar 31, 2021

Q: I have two missing teeth in a row; the last two on my upper right. My doc wants me to have two implants. Can I save some money and just to one and hang two crowns on it?

Today’s Rant: Listen. I’m from New York so I know how I used to behave in public before 1992 when I came to Florida. It was not pretty. I am hearing a lot of complaints from Floridians that “too many New Yorkers have invaded us. I ask them: How do you know you have spotted one? Is it a look, a smell or a sound they make?

Most answer: “It’s when they are waiting on line for something. Rather than observe and assess the situation for a whopping 15 seconds, they come up into your face and say: “ARE YOU ON LINE?! DID YOU ORDER YET OR ARE YOU JUST WAITING FOR YOUR FOOD?! UH…. I WAS IN FRONT OF YOU!, etc.”

Today I was the victim: I was waiting for my food at a restaurant’s take-out window. Five feet back, but obviously facing the take out window.

Four feet further behind me was a gelato store. A lady from the Big Apple abruptly barked: “Are you blocking the door of the gelato store?”

How about saying “excuse me” vs. spewing a rhetorical question at me. What if I said “yes, I am pro yoghurt and am protesting outside all gelato stores! I am part of the CYM movement: “Cups of Yoghurt Matter.”

If you have good bone and you are missing two teeth in a row, you can place one implant and place two connected crowns, attached to the implant by a thick post called a custom abutment. There have been several articles in the literature reporting no more failures than two implant cases. It is best done where the forces on the floating tooth are not side to side, or lateral, but are up and down, or occlusaly loaded.

“Hey are you done with that newspaper or what?!”

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