OraVerse in Palm Beach, FL

OraVerse in Palm Beach, FL

If you’ve ever had treatment at a dental clinic, you know how it feels to have a numbed mouth or face. Local anesthetic is great during treatment, allowing you to get procedures completed safely and without pain. However, the numbing effects can linger for much longer than necessary. This is why the Palm Beach Towers uses advanced dental technology to reverse the effects of local anesthesia – Oraverse.

What is OraVerse?

Oraverse is a revolutionary way to reverse local anesthesia after dental procedures have been completed successfully by our experienced dentists. It allows the feeling in your numbed area to return to normal twice as fast as it normally would when waiting to it to wear off. Let’s take a moment to compare some numbers.

Sensation in the upper and lower lips typically takes anywhere from 130 to 150 minutes to return to normal. With Oraverse, sensation returned within 50 to 70 minutes, respectively. This is a mind-blowing difference in time, making OraVerse perfect for patients that want to continue with their daily routine without problems moving their mouth.

Benefits of OraVerse

Oraverse is convenient and makes it easy to continue doing the things you love. Our dentists use this process to allow patients to:

  • – Smile beautifully
  • – Speak eloquently
  • – Drink easily
  • – Drool minimally

Are you interested in your dentist using OraVerse at your next dental appointment? Speak with one of our dental staff to discuss how the reversal process works and how it will affect you.

Care at the Palm Beach Towers

You can get amazing dental care at the Palm Beach Towers in Palm Beach, FL from dentists with years of experience and the most high-end, advanced technology. Our office uses electronic anesthetic machines to safely and efficiently control anesthesia during procedures. With Oraverse, anesthetic effects can be reversed, and your smile will return to normal much faster.

You don’t have to sit at home waiting for your face to stop feeling numb. OraVerse allows the sensation to return to your mouth after a dental procedure twice as fast as it would if you were simply waiting for it to wear off on its own. Schedule an appointment with our office for the ultimate dental experience.

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